About Me

Many people choose to endure the pain and suffering required of diets. I am one of those unfortunates. The low carb diet, which is the one I am on, takes many forms and comes with a variety of monikers (e.g. the paleo diet, the atkins diet, the south beach diet etc.). There are of course slight differences between them, but the general idea is the same – don’t eat so many processed carbohydrates. Why deprive yourself of such yummy foods like cupcakes, icing, pasta, freshly baked bread, chocolate, cakes, cakes, and more cakes? I had asked myself that same question for the past 4 years despite hearing of the diet’s many fountain-of-youth-like wonders, including magical weight-loss in just weeks, renewed energy, longevity, and a range of other health benefits (from clearer skin to no more allergies). I think I would still have been questioning the diet without every attempting to try it had it not been for some serious and almost-life threatening allergies. At that point, my brain and my body were finally in sync and allowed me to deprive myself of my much-loved carbs.

I started the diet in seriousness on April 16th, 2011, and from the get-go, my main concern has always been, “What Can I Eat??” Cutting out so much processed carbohydrates seemed to have reduced the foods I could eat to zilch! That’s when a friend recommended I check out some websites describing what people on certain low carb diets ate. I can’t explain the happiness I feel every time I discovered a new food, especially if it was a prepackaged goodie that didn’t require any work on my part!! I was lucky in that my boyfriend had already been on the low-carb diet for years before I finally gave in. So, I already had a good idea of what one could eat on the diet. However, he was perfectly happy with eating the same foods day after day, whereas I needed not only variety but some serious yumminess!! I wanted to start a blog to document what delicious lo-carb foods are available for people on low-carb diets as many of the foods are hidden on not well-known websites and hidden grocery stores. Eating out at restaurants is also a bane of this diet with most restaurants catering to the carb-cravings of the general population. This blog will take you through low-carb recipes, pre-made foods you can buy at the store or online, and restaurants you can eat out at without compromising you diet. I hope this blog helps you find the foods you love without compromising your health.