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MP900400610_thumb1Generally, low-carb diets are all about cutting out carbohydrates from your diet.  People commonly think that this means that low-carb dieters eat only bacon and eggs for breakfast followed by steak for dinner (and I’m sure that there are more than a few people who try this!).  However, low-carb diets are more varied than that.  Low-carb dieters often eat a diverse range of vegetables along with a healthy amount of meat. The main foods to avoid are things like bread, potatoes, rice, and anything with sugar in it.

A lot of people have lost a lot of weight on low carb diets (especially since low-carb diets are easier to stick to than most other diets, especially those sorts of diets where you essentially starve yourself). However, low-carb is also a lifestyle for many people.  People choose to adopt a low-carb lifestyle for a variety of reasons.  Some people simply want to keep their weight in check, some need to avoid allergens such as gluten in wheat-based foods, and some people want or need to lower their blood sugar levels (many type 2 diabetics choose to be on a low carb diet for this reason).  These are just a few of the possible benefits for someone choosing to live a low-carb life.

My personal reasons for staying on a low carb diet are mostly for health reasons. I have suffered from various allergies (suspected to be related to gluten-intolerance), have a family history of diabetes, and felt tired all the time (despite being in my 20s!). The first two reasons are my long term health reasons for this diet, but on a daily basis, the fact that being low-carb keeps my energy level very high is the primary reason that I am able to avoid splurging on cupcakes and brownies.

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