Sipping in the Sun

It’s the summer, I’m hot, and I’m thirsty. So here’s the perfect low-carb drink to have when you’re lazing in the sun.


  1. 15 blueberries, or 3 strawberries, or 6 raspberries
  2. 500ml (or 17oz) seltzer water (make sure you get something that’s just carbonated water i.e. not tonic water or anything else with sweeteners or calories)
  3. Quarter of a lime

Cut up the blueberries or other berries into reasonably small pieces (you probably only have to halve the blueberries). Place the berries into a blue and crush with a fork or spoon. Pour crushed berries along with their juice into a glass. Squeeze in juice from a quarter of a lime. Top with seltzer water. Stir and enjoy!

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